The Presence Point

Sarah Lipton

The Presence Point guides emerging leaders to connect deeply with themselves and the systems they work within, helping them understand innate vision and offering the tools needed to manifest with confidence.

The Presence Point can create a program structured to call your employees to follow your business directives by adopting the culture you want them to have. The work is grounded in the ancient wisdom of Shambhala, which teaches that we all have the innate abilities to be good human beings and lead our lives with dignity, courage and confidence.

Sarah Lipton has been serving in leadership roles for over twenty years and has worked with numerous groups on navigating all the challenges of working as a team. Sarah’s training stems from her history of leadership coupled with a deep contemplative journey that focuses on strengthening and empowering one’s innate confidence in order to take one’s seat in a role of leadership. Through her business, The Presence Point, Sarah has consolidated all of her training and experience into the role of leadership mentor, working with both individuals and organizations who wish to empower themselves from the inside-out. She does this by applying her skills of deep listening, seeing patterns, recognizing the limitlessness of possibility, and creating curriculums that guide her clients on a journey through which they can see for themselves what transformational choices to pursue.

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