Sarah Lipton, Arlene Silva and Shawn Shouldice at work, photo by Britten Leigh photography
Photo credit: Britten Leigh Photography

As experts in Leadership Development, Organizational Resiliency and Reputation Management, our mission is to deliver business growth and enhancement solutions customized to each client in support of refining culture, executing communications strategies, identifying potential organizational risks and addressing chronic operational issues.

  • Empowers Leaders & Enriches Employees
  • Supports In-House Business Continuity Programs
  • Builds Relationships & Enhances Brand Strength
  • Ensures Culture Aligns with Mission & Vision
  • Identifies, Mitigates & Resolves Operational Issues
  • Implements Customized Public Relations Strategies

Serving businesses, organizations and business leaders who are committed to developing and enhancing their ability to compete, not just survive, but thrive in today’s high stress, high risk, and highly competitive environment.

Retain ziji to…

  • Deliver custom, integrated, or comprehensive programs.
  • Provide mentoring, coaching, training, or consultation.
  • Facilitate and support you through project phases.

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